30KW all-in-one induction brazing machine

30 KW all in one induction brazing machine with 4 meter long Coaxial transformer


1. DSP induction heating power supply is adopted, and the main inverter circuit is controlled separately.

2. The intelligent digital induction heating power supply has a high-speed core processor of 100 megabytes, which can calculate and process all digital signals.

3. The signal Uses optical fiber transmission, in the transmission process, the loss of the signal is small, no error signal without distortion, enhance the stability of the control circuit.

4. DSP core control board can be extended up to 12 fiber signals.


What's included?


1) 30kw induction heating power supply

2) Industrial chiller/ Water cooling system

3) 4m Coaxial transformer

4) Line hanger

5) 1pc induction coil

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