Slewing Bearings Induction Quenching Machine

October 25, 2021
The cantilever type whole-tooth CNC hardening machine has manual and fully automatic operation functions. It is suitable for the production of single and batch parts. It has the functions of continuous quenching and simultaneous quenching. It is mainly used for large slewing bearings, internal teeth, external teeth, tooth surfaces, etc. The overall quenching of ring parts is also suitable for High frequency induction heating machine quenching of wheels, rings and plane parts. It is widely used in induction heat treatment of wind power, automobile, engineering machinery, and machine tool industries. Reasonable structure, complete functions, convenient installation and debugging.
Induction heat treatment solution
Structural features:
1. The machine tool structure adopts the cantilever + rotary table method, the beam carries the power load, and can move up and down, left and right, and at the same time quenching the tooth surface of the workpiece.
2. The workpiece is placed horizontally, through the 840DSL system, the load sliding table and the mobile numerical control system realize the alignment of the inductor and the quenching surface to realize the overall quenching of the workpiece.
3. The Siemens system can achieve accurate clearance control, and the accuracy deviation is less than 0.2mm. The whole set of equipment includes a set of beam and work cantilever, a set of heating load, and a set of integrated induction quenching liquid spray sensor.
4. Set up manual operation interface, flexible cord connection, which can be extended to a distance of 1 meter from the load, with power addition and reduction, spray cutting, access, heating removal, access, displacement handwheel and other operations, which are convenient for operators to adjust the product Model. After adjustment, the system automatically records, and subsequent mass production will not be adjusted.
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