Zhengzhou kechuang | Mixed Dual-Frequency(High and Medium Frequency) Induction Heating Power Supply

February 17, 2022

Zhengzhou kechuang | Mixed Dual-Frequency(High and Medium Frequency) Induction Heating Power Supply

 Induction heat treatment solution


Mixed dual-frequency power supply refers to the High frequency induction heating machine heating power supply that can output one or two working frequencies in the same induction coil at any time.  

 Two kinds of working frequency can be determined according to the process requirements, heating time and heating power can be adjusted arbitrarily, can run a certain frequency alone, can also run two kinds of frequency at the same time.  

 Induction heat treatment solution


Features and working frequency of mixed-frequency power supply:   


Low and high frequency output heating simultaneously  

Low and high frequencies can be used separately  

Low frequency and high frequency power arbitrary adjustment  

Low frequency and high frequency heating time arbitrary control  

DSP high speed processor, fast control  

The hardened layer has good imitation effect  

Fast heating speed, small deformation  

Almost no oxidation  




Power range and working frequency of hybrid dual-frequency power supply:  


Low Frequency:1-20 KHZ   

High Frequency: 20-200 KHZ  


Low Frequency Power: 50KW-1000KW  

High Frequency Power: 30KW-300KW  


Why use the mixed-frequency power supply?


When gears, sprockets and other parts with complex surface profile need surface profiling induction quenching, a single working frequency induction heating power supply cannot achieve a good profiling effect, and a hybrid dual-frequency power supply can solve this problem.  

Induction heat treatment solution


Application Fields:

1. Gear, sprocket, rotary support and other needs in the field of copying heating

2. Step shaft variable quenching layer depth continuous heating quenching field  

According to the process requirements of different diameter and quenching depth of step shaft, the frequency can be switched in real time to achieve variable quenching depth of different diameters during operation.  

3. High frequency quenching and medium frequency tempering are realized in one installation.

Induction heat treatment solution


Induction heat treatment solution


Zhengzhou Kechuang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2001.  It is one of the earliest high-tech enterprises specialized in induction heating equipment and related complete sets of equipment in China. Based on IGBT induction heating power supply, the company vigorously develops induction heating electromechanical specialized products;  And has been successfully developed:  Complete sets of quenching equipment for chain rail, pin shaft pin sets, driving wheel, supporting wheel, rotary supporting channel, single tooth, whole tooth, etc.  Complete set of equipment for wire heating, special set of equipment for automotive steering rack quenching, complete set of equipment for hardening the inner wall of concrete pump pipe, complete set of equipment for heating double-sided rib reinforcement, complete set of equipment for alloy copper precision forging, complete set of equipment for online quenching and tempering of steel belt, complete set of equipment for solar heat treatment, etc.  Products are widely used in construction machinery, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemical, metallurgy, microelectronics, light industry, electric power, scientific research and other fields.  

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