induction gear shrink fitting machine

October 09, 2021

High frequency induction heating machine gear shrink fitting machine 

Induction heat treatment solution

Thermal charging and disassembly equipment is the fourth generation of DSP digital intelligent IGBT induction heating equipment of our company, which heats the workpiece through the high-frequency current acting on the inductor, and converts the tight fit into the loose fit by thermal expansion.

It is a common and labor-saving installation method. Whether the gear, bearing, motor parts are hot charging or hot disassembly, only need to put the corresponding product in the sensor, temperature control, can realize efficient and rapid induction heating, to achieve the purpose of hot charging and hot disassembly process.

The fourth generation of DSP intelligent IGBT induction heating equipment adopts an all-air cooling structure, the main engine and auxiliary engine do not need additional water cooling.

The thermostatic closed-loop timing method or constant current timing method is used to control the temperature of hot charging and hot disassembly products.
Cover project integrated with four heating station, four points can be realized at the same time heating, heating for also can achieve any combination station, Shared a heating workbench, the workbench installed mesa four heating coil, infrared temperature measuring probe, 4 to start and stop buttons (start all need to have a key, start to a single heating station is independent), four optical alarm system, which can realize single machine operation and cooperate with mechanical automation production.
Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high efficiency, good process repeatability, high efficiency, and rapid temperature control.
In line with the environmental protection requirements, the pollution is small, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, instead of oxygen-acetylene flame, coke furnace, salt bath furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace, and other heating methods.
It can realize multi-stage temperature curve control, as well as each workpiece product heating, assembly temperature, process record.
 Local heating of the workpiece: induction heating process parameters can be controlled, the output product quality is good, high pass rate, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, is a heating method with wide application prospects.

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