Wind and Power induction modulation heat treatment for bolts

October 09, 2021

Wind and Power High frequency induction heating machine modulation heat treatment for bolts

With the rapid rise of China's wind power generation industry and the rapid development of the wind power generation industry, the single capacity of mainstream wind power units is increasing year by year, and the specifications of high-strength bolts used for supporting fastening connection are also getting larger and larger. The process design in the heat treatment production process of high-strength bolts for wind power is also becoming more and more complex.A domestic company hopes to make use of knowledge-based engineering technology to automate mass production of heat treatment of wind power bolts by analyzing the company's historical production data, raw material inspection data, product inspection data and heat treatment equipment related process data.My company based on the analysis of heat treatment process based on knowledge engineering and system at home and abroad on the basis of the status quo, to analysis the status quo as the starting point, proposed based on the instance and the fusion rule reasoning of wind power with bolt solution heat treatment process design system, using the theory of software engineering, system overall design and detailed design, and the application effect of system is analyzed and evaluated.Based on characteristics of bolt products used in wind power production, heat treatment process design, client company heat treatment status and enterprise information system application present situation analysis, process reengineering and optimization of heat treatment process design, and proposed a instance and the fusion rule based reasoning of wind power with bolt solution heat treatment process design system.By classifying products of various specifications, the expression method of heat treatment process example was put forward, and typical process examples were extracted from heat treatment process rules, and the data storage structure of instance and rule was unified.Through fusion reasoning, similar examples or typical examples are obtained to complete the qualified mass production of the product.Induction heat treatment solution