Thermal oil induction heating transformation

October 09, 2021
Thermal oil High frequency induction heating machine heating transformation
Induction heat treatment solution
1. The equipment adopts DSP intelligent two-in-one machine, the host part integrates the DCS (distributed control system) field control function, and the host can be placed in the central control room. The LCD screen of the equipment has all the operating functions. The customer can use this LCD screen as As a heating equipment operating station, it can also communicate with the equipment LCD screen through the configuration software to obtain related parameters, or control function permissions, or use analog control for remote control.
 2. Heat transfer oil heating process design: design and manufacture 2-position induction heating power supply. The 2-bit 120KW air-cooled induction heating power supply is used to heat the heat-conducting oil pipes. The heating area can be controlled in different areas. The heating temperature can be controlled by thermocouples to achieve rapid heating of the heat-conducting oil and closed-loop temperature control of the heat-conducting oil. There are 2 sets of coil type heating devices and 4-point temperature control device in the heating zone of this section. When only one set of reactor is needed to work, one set of heating equipment can be controlled by DCS to stop heating. When two sets of reactors are needed to work, you can Turn on the two sets of induction heating equipment at the same time to prevent the heat exchange area of ​​one set of coil heating device from being insufficient, causing the heat-conducting oil temperature to drop too fast when it is urgently needed to make up heat, resulting in abnormal situations. The temperature measurement system of the heat transfer oil device adopts a control method in which thermocouples are arranged at the inlet and outlet, which facilitates the closed-loop control of the oil temperature by induction heating.
Induction heat treatment solution
Advantages of thermal oil induction heating transformation
1. High-efficiency and energy-saving, the thermal efficiency is more than 95% at a high speed, and it can save electricity by more than 30% compared with the electric heating rod heating method under equal conditions.
2. The preheating time is short, which is 2/3 shorter than the heating by the electric heating rod.
3. Blocking heating, the up-frequency heating cable is only heated, and it is safe to block the heat transfer oil. Prevent the electric leakage of the heating rod from causing a fire.
4. Reduce the use and protection cost, the heating cable is not damaged, and prevent frequent replacement of the heating rod, so as to avoid the high temperature of the heating rod.
5. The circuit uses the fourth generation DSP digital intelligent induction heating equipment of our company, the temperature can be accurately controlled, and the German IGBT module is selected, the circuit is leading, stable and reliable.
6. Improve the working environment, less heat dissipation, and the outer surface of the heating cylinder is almost room temperature.
7. Accurate temperature control, temperature difference ≤±1 C, high temperature heating can be completed. It can be heated to 400°C to 600°C if the heat transfer oil permits. Adapt to user requirements.
8. The induction heating equipment and heating cables adopt a fully air-cooled structure, which is safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and reliable.
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