DSP intelligent induction heating power supply, using Kechuang unique intelligent "dynamic load analysis" technology. It overcomes the unstable problems such as low control precision, large reactive power loss, narrow frequency range, overcurrent, shutdown, frequency discomfort and so on, which are represented by "analog phase-locked loop" technology.The power supply can work stably between 5KW and 1000KW with frequency 0.5KHZ-600KHZ. The technology is in the leading position in China and internationally.


    18 years of production experience

    Committed to the research and application of electromagnetic induction heating technology and its equipment, accumulated a lot of experience.


    200 professional technicians

    The company has nearly 200 employees, more than 80% of college graduates, and more than 20% of research and development personnel, all undergraduate and above.


    More than 50 patents

    Focusing on research on inductive power technology and its application in metal heating, it has obtained more than 50 national patents and software copyrights.

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Kechuang always has always regard "More energy-saving", "More reliable" as the product development direction. Completing the products automatic, intelligent and robotic functions, which leads in the first of national induction heating technology. All of our products and technologies can provide excellent value for you through pre-sale, sale, after-sale first-rate service.